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Ordering Online Guidelines

How to Order Online

PLEASE NOTE: balloonZ requires a $45.00 minimum prior to checkout. The minimum excludes gift items, taxes and the delivery charge.

STEP ONE - Choose a Delivery Date & Time.

On our home page  look for the category  Choose A Date & Time For Delivery. This link will explain the specifics about delivery charges and times. You will be able to choose your delivery date and time at checkout.

Same Day Orders must be received by 10:00 AM CST. Please contact us directly if you are looking for a same day delivery after that time. (800) 959-6758

STEP TWO - Begin Shopping 

Select a ready-made bouquet or create your bouquet from scratch. You can also combine these steps and add balloons to a ready-made bouquet.

You will find ready-made bouquets under the catgegory to the left SEND A BALLOON BOUQUET 

You will find individual balloons of all types under the category CREATE A BOUQUET.

If you need balloon decorating for a special event, choose the category BALLOON DECOR.

If you would like to add candy or a plush bear to your order, go to GIFT ITEMS

STEP THREE - Determine if a Weight is Required

If you are ordering a ready-made bouquet, a weight will automatically be included.

If you are ordering a ready-made bouquet and adding balloons to this bouquet, a weight will automatically be included.

If you are ordering a custom-made bouquet, a weight is not included and you should add a weight to your order. To do this, click on ADD WEIGHTS which is located under CATEGORIES on the left side of the page. If you are ordering a ready-made bouquet as one item, and a custom bouquet as another item, you will need to add a weight for the custom bouquet. If there are multiple custom bouquets, be sure to add a weight for each.

If you are ordering bulk balloons and need these divided into groups, you will need to order one weight per group. Be sure to add the correct quantity. ADD WEIGHTS 

 STEP FOUR - Proceed to Checkout

Once you have added all the products you need to your cart, click the button titled CHECKOUT at the bottom of the page. Complete your order by providing details as requested during the checkout process.

 STEP FIVE - Add Additional Instructions

During the checkout process there will be a box for SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS. Please add any information in this box relevant to your order.


Because of special procedures required for residential deliveries, we are unable to provide surprise delivery service to residential addresses, with the exception of orders being delivered to doorman buildings.

A doorman residence is one with staff willing to accept deliveries for residents during normal business hours — housekeeper, doorman, concierge, security guard, or the on-site management staff. In such cases we will proceed with the assumption that someone will be available to accept the order when we arrive, and we will not call ahead. If the doorman refuses to accept the order, an additional charge will apply for redelivery. If redelivery is not possible, the balloons can be picked up at our local office. No refunds will be made in such cases.

For deliveries to non-doorman residences, we will call the residence and coordinate a delivery time which ensures that someone will be home to accept the order. This call is made in the morning on the date of delivery, and it may be made the day prior to delivery. If we are unable to reach someone by phone, we will leave a call-back number. We will not proceed until contact is made. If the call is returned late in the day, it may be necessary to reschedule the delivery for the following day. We will attempt to advise customers of delays related to their order. If it becomes apparent that we will not be able to  complete a delivery on the scheduled delivery date, because we were not successful in coordinating a delivery time, the customer may elect to cancel the order without a cancellation fee or reschedule the delivery for the following day without an additional charge.

To view our policies on cancellations and changes please click here.

To view our PRIVACY POLICY please click here.

To view our Terms & Conditions please click here

For additional information, please contact us at balloonZ@balloonZ.com